Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flip The Middle

Think of the political spectrum as a circle with radical left and radical right almost meeting at the bottom of the circle.

On the right, Ron Paul is right next to that gap between radical left and right. Across the gap from him, on the radical left, are Gravel and Kucinich.

On the other side of the spectrum, across from the gap, are the political moderates. These moderates increasingly want the US out of the middle east. As moderates awaken to the fact that the "top" candidates, both democratic and republican, do not share their view, they will begin to look to the "fringe" candidates.

The "fringe" candidates, especially Ron Paul, because he is in stark contrast to the other Republican candidates, have the opportunity to firmly plant claim for themselves the mainstream of America. America wants out. The fringe is really the "do nothing", "establishment" position which is represented by the top tier of candidates and by the current congress. All one has to do is look at the congressional approval rating and one can see how America feels about a "do nothing" strategy.

Within the next three months the public will wake up to the fact that the main stream Democratic Presidential candidates and their Republican counterparts do not want to leave Iraq and really are very close to one another on the topic of Iraq. That's why none of the Republican candidates, besides McCain, is even talking about the war. That also explains why the Democrats have not pushed to de-fund the war. All they want to do is rethink and redefine the strategy.

Within the next three months, we'll see Democrats and Republicans agreeing that the U.S. should not leave Iraq but should "re-deploy" and "re-define" the mission. They will claim a re-found focus on eliminating Al Qaeda and fighting terrorism throughout the region.

The top tier of candidates, regardless of party, are all going to agree to this, despite what people think they are saying now.

This creates an opportunity for Ron Paul. One of his core philosophical tenets is the need to disentangle America from unnecessary foreign conflicts. His congressional voting record clearly documents this belief which is now shared by the majority of Americans.

Once the American people realize that no top tier candidate supports their views, they will begin to swing towards Dr. Paul. He will gain momentum entering in to the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. If he places well, the phenomenon of his popularity on line will translate to real world, main stream popularity. At that point, we'll be off to the races.