Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cheney gets Waxed!

Waxman is circling Alberto Gonzalez and he is almost within striking distance.

Dick Cheney is the latest victim of Waxman's quest to make the AG enforce the law. Turns out Cheney doesn't think that the rules surrounding the use of classified information pertain to his office. His office told the National Archives that he's not part of the executive branch and that those laws don't apply to the VP's office.

Well, that didn't sit too well with the Director of the National Archives in charge of Information Security. He wrote the Office of the VP on two occasions. Once in January and once in August. Still no reply.

So, that brave gentleman, Mr. J. William Leonard, wrote to the AG asking him that he do his job and enforce the law.

Guess what? No response.

Well, the issue has gotten the attention of Waxman, who is investigating the Department of Justice and the AG on several fronts. Today, Waxman sent the VP a letter tearing him a new orifice. He also published a fact sheet detailing repeated efforts by the Vice President to avoid accountability and over sight.

Go Waxman! The law applies to all citizens.

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