Friday, June 1, 2007

Something For Everyone

Ron Paul is the candidate we've all been waiting for. He is spot on the mark regarding what is important to both Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats like and Republicans can Agree:

1. Out of Iraq as quickly as possible.
2. End the war on drugs.
3. Stop threatening Iran and ensure that we extract ourselves from unnecessary armed conflict.
4. Repeal the Patriot Act.
5. Repeal no child left behind.
6. Protect American labor interests.
7. Preserve free speech, stop FCC censorship.
8. Pro separation of church and state.

Republicans like and Democrats can Agree:

1. Capitalism and free markets.
2. End Social Security as we know it.
3. Smaller government - end the IRS and Homeland Security.
4. Wants out of the UN.
5. Wants to protect our borders, even using the military.
6. Wants to preserve American sovereignty.
7. His candidacy is a lesson in campaign finance reform.
8. Staunch conservative in regards to monetary policy.

You see, he offers something for everyone.

The voters are on a cornice. They don't trust any of their candidates. Everyone needs to take the plunge into the soft net that Ron Paul has stretched out below them. He's really not that far away, and at least we can hear in his voice that he's not going to pull that net out from under us. He has been consistent for the past thirty years.

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Art by George Tooker

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